Live the legend and play as a local hero as one of the Milwaukee Superhero's! Battle your way through waves of vicious animals that are terrorizing the underground of the city! Kill enough enemies to purchase better weapons to fight your next crime wave and areas! Make sure you are aware of the time of day, things can get a little crazy during the night in the undergrounds of MKE!

Key Features:

• Fight waves of enemies each time you enter underneath the city of MKE!

• Survive all the Waves and you are brought back to the menu where you can purchase a better weapon.

• The time of day also affects what kind of level you will enter into next! (You can also control the time of day in the Menu.)

*Requires a USB Controller*

Note: This game was made during the Global Game Jam 2017! Our team was very happy with this game and we are aware it is not perfect. Mainly posting it here for family or friend to play and enjoy. We will work on getting a smoother build up in the future.